Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Classic Mini British White First Calf Heifer & her Newborn Heifer

This is first calf British White heifer, J.West's Gidget, an American Fullblood female with a healthy mix of Full English and American genetics.  Gidget was one of the first of the calves I retained for this Classic Frame British White breeding program, and she is about as small as I'd like to see in my Classic breeding females.

Her own dam was a full sister to J.West's Tom Sawyer. The video is a composite of a short clip of her on Sept. 5, and few on the 15th, and then her newborn heifer, sired by J.West's S.S. Carter, that was born September 17th. Gidget put on a bountiful amount of milk, her udder development really surprised me, but then her maternal great grandam is the really awesome standard British White cow, HRH Bountiful, well known for her impressive udder.

Gidget was born 9-23-08 with a birth weight of 57 lbs.  She weaned on 4-26-09 at 285 lbs. Gidget reached a weight of 580 lbs on 6-22-10, standing 40.5 inches at the hip at 21 months of age for an indicated mature Frame Score of 0, although she has matured in to a Frame Score 1 stature. 

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