Friday, June 29, 2012

Classic Mini British White Cattle now Offered for Sale

All cattle offered are registered with both the American British White Park Association (ABWPA) and the  (BWCAA).  The new August 2013 group of weanling heifers offered for sale are outstanding, be sure and check out their video, see the link to the right for current availability of Classic Mini breeding stock.  Call 409-837-2338, or email

J.West's Mazey as a Long Yearling, Our Inspiration

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  1. I like mini jerseys, but they produce more milk than my family could ever use, and since the male jerseys have not much meat, there seems more shame in butchering them.

    I am interested in the mini white british for their original quality of being dual purpose - both meat AND milk. Do you think it would be difficult to ressurrect the milking ability of this breed without resorting to crossbreeding?